Zhejiang Realm Holding Group

Realm Holding Group was founded in 1995 in Xinchang, the location of the first Buddha in South-China, is a professional manufacturer of electric tool enterprise The products covering high-pressure cleaning machines, industrial gasoline diesel high-press

Zhejiang Xinchang Bigyao Power Tool Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Xinchang Bigyao Power Tool CO , LTD was established in 1999, is one of the subsidiary of Zhejiang Realm

Zhejiang Realm New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Realm New Energy Technology CO ,LTD was established in 2004, is a modern company which integrates design, research and development, production and sales of lithium battery garden tools and related accessories

Realm Import And Export (USA) INC

In order to integrate industry resources and information characteristics of "Internet+ " era, comply with the development trend of globalization, product brand, expand the sales network, the Realm Holding Group established Realm import


  • Pressure Washer

  • Li-battery Garden Tools

  • Accessories

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Tel:86-575-89385666 turn 8801 / 86-575-89387043

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